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Artificial Intelligence – An aid or an alternative?

With decades of advancement in technology, humans have come up with such amazing tools and techniques that assist them in their daily life and yes, I am talking about ‘Artificial intelligence’. As soon as you hear the words ‘Artificial intelligence’, what is the first thing that strikes your mind? Do you feel that it is the next big thing and feel like exploring? Or do you just feel that it is not for you and try to move on using your traditional routine?

Artificial intelligence is something which can do wonders in the lives of humans. It can exceed the limits to which the human capabilities are restricted to. Artificial intelligence (AI) is progressing rapidly involving captivating conversations about the future and what it would/should mean for us.

The New Age HR Recruitment

Today, AI technology outperforms humans at many specific tasks like playing chess or solving equations. Also, we come across with many examples wherein artificial intelligence is used to make our lives easier. Some of them include chatbots, fraud detection, face recognition, plagiarism checker, online product recommendations and so on. The goal of keeping AI’s impact on society beneficial motivates research in many areas, from economics and law to technical topics such as verification, validity, security, and control.

After understanding what exactly Artificial intelligence is and what it does, the question that arises in everyone is that ‘Whether AI is an alternative or an aid to humans?’

Artificial intelligence has ample applications in diverse fields, but for now let us consider the example of AI used in the recruitment process.

Artificial intelligence has ample applications in diverse fields, but for now let us consider the example of AI used in the recruitment process.

This is one such field in which AI can be incorporated to make a recruiter’s life easy. Among the above-mentioned processes, one of the tasks which can be streamlined using AI is ‘Screening’ of resumes. A typical recruiter would have to go through hundreds of resumes daily and when there are multiple openings in a company, it might even cross thousands.

The New Age HR Recruitment

So, what is the role of artificial intelligence in this? There are wonderful AI-based recruitment tools like Rudy in the market which are crafted to assist the recruiter in his/her routine tasks. These software tools have exceptional capabilities which can prove to be more efficient than the procedures carried out manually by the human resource professionals. This AI based software can perform tasks like providing job scan through resume checking using latest technology that too within few minutes. This would enable the recruiter to save majority of his time spent in routine tasks and to concentrate more on other crucial tasks of the Human Resource Department.

So, what role exactly did Artificial Intelligence play here? Did it replace the recruiter himself? Absolutely not. It just acted as a digital assistant to the human in order to smoothen his/her work life and also resulted in a better talent acquisition process.

AI has taken businesses, creative services, and communication to the next level but have not replaced humans completely. It will always prove to be beneficial for humans for reducing their work and time with the help of such AI-driven applications. Artificial intelligence in true sense, is an aid to humans in daily life and is definitely a boon for businesses to elevate to greater heights.