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The New Age HR Recruitment

Over the last few years we have witnessed how Artificial intelligence is bringing humans and machines come closer together. People are much more comfortable using Alexa, Siri and OK Google. Post Covid-19 will mark a permanent shift in larger acceptance of ‘work from home’ models. Companies will look for and continue to adopt technologies and solutions that allow seamless ‘work from home’ capabilities. Artificial Intelligence will hold a major share of such technologies and play a major role to help improve labour productivity.

It’s exciting to know that Artificial intelligence is pushing humans and machines to come closer together. AI’s influence on the HR space have been evident especially as it has helped automate business processes, enhance proficiency, and cut bias among other things. Special thanks to AI that today algorithms can be designed to help employers identify and remove these inclinations. The intent of Artificial intelligence in the HR sector is to help find the best fit candidates for the role as opposed to finding the first fit. 52% of the talent acquisition leaders claim that the most difficult part of their job is shortlisting right candidates from a large pool. Resumes are the most crucial part of any job search; hence the job seekers are bound to make strong framework for their resume for navigating AI algorithms from a pool of other resumes.

Rudy is one such powerful AI recruitment software, a micro AI solution based on natural language processing that understands documents for various purposes like sales, recruitment, account planning and sourcing. It digitally reads, extracts and analyses text in your resumes to produce useful information by using NLP, NLU and other semantic analytics based automated resume screening.

The New Age HR Recruitment

This AI-based Rudy helps read documents faster and, on an average, saves you time spent on reading and summarizing information. It helps recruiter save 95% of the time spent on shortlisting resumes. This time saved can be reinvested in candidate engagement, fulfilling more job openings and improving productivity. Rudy helps eliminate bias being a trained ML model.

The New Age HR Recruitment

Thus a digital assistant can play an important role to systemize common HR tasks and help with the management or reading several documents and provide actionable information.

Hence, it can be said that digital assistants like Rudy will not just assist with faster results, but also save our time and make our lives easier!