Rudy for Sourcing | AI assistant for Engineers!

Purpose built for the Owners | Operators | Engineering Procurement and Construction Industry
With Rudy, Owners | Operators | EPC engineers can complete technical evaluations,
bid comparisons and engineering drawing comparison in minutes.

What Rudy does

Rudy is an AI solution that helps engineers accelerate comparisons of technical specifications and engineering drawings using artificial intelligence.

Ensures that the most qualified suppliers are selected.

Eliminates manual spreadsheet comparisons.

Evaluates technical bids from multiple suppliers in minutes.

Reduces cycle time significantly and improves margin.

Assists with engineering drawing comparisons in seconds.

Provides collaboration among multiple stakeholders in real-time.

Why Rudy?

Spending lot of time collating, coordinating, collaborating and analyzing technical information with suppliers / EPCs across multiple sources?

Rudy helps address this significant industry challenge, where engineers spend more than 50% of their time.

Save Time

40% – 70% of time saved per comparison based on item complexity

Save Cost

Increase the number of suppliers to optimize procurement costs.

Improve Margins

Finish projects weeks sooner than planned, improving margins.

Getting more competitive bids
Overall project spend will reduce by 1–5% by enabling more suppliers to participate in the bid process. May lead to supplier diversity and inclusion.
Applying the 80-20 rule
Low and medium complexity comprise of 80% of produced items. Rudy is an expert at evaluating this quickly and frees up enables the engineer to do higher impact activities.
Reducing Cycle time
Rudy will save about 70-90% of the time that an Engineer will spend on technical comparisions.
Improving Project Margins
Potential to save millons of dollars due to improved project schedules and increased timeline reliability.
Collaborating Effectively
Enhanced collaboration between engineers, supplier and other stakeholders will lead to faster decision making and problem resolution, while maintaining historical data within a single platform.
Standardizing Processes
Automation will improve overall standardization of the processes leading to additional benefits like auditability, reliability, analytics and supplier scorecard in the mid and long term.

Where Rudy helps you

The single largest ticket for an EPC project is material procurement and directly affects the success requiring engineers to be involved in every part of the process. Material procurement cost is about 40% of revenue of EPC companies estimated to be $7 trillion.

Rudy assists with steps 3 and 4 in the typical procurement process as illustrated below.

1. Project Scoping

Listing and categorizing client requirements across work streams.

2. Design and Equipment Listing

Proposing core engineering design and list of hard and soft resources for the project.

3. Material Specifications

Material Requests and Engineering Drawings are read to understand the technical requirements and ensure the engineering requirements are met.

4. Vendor Selection

Comparing and Evaluating the MR responses against industry standards to select vendors.

5. Pricing

Commercial Comparison of recommended vendors and negotiation.

6. Purchase Order Management

Finalizing contracts and releasing purchase orders to selected vendors.

Competitive Advantage

Engineered by Engineers for Engineers

First To Market
Ai Knowledge Enginnering
Built In Collaboration
No Data Entry
Engineering Language Processing
Faster Adoption

How Rudy works

Rudy's ability to read, extract and analyze documents and drawings helps in identifying, evaluating and recording design specifications and compliance requirements for items that are procured.

Rudy uses it's complex AI algorithms to:

Check, read and analyze a vendor's offer for Compliance, Deviations and Exceptions (CDE).

Compare and evaluate multiple offers from vendors to determine the best fit.

Provide a Compliance, Deviation, and Exception (CDE) score for all technical bids.

Compare and evaluate engineering drawings.