Rudy for Engineers

A Digital Platform for Technical Evaluation
Processes and Knowledge Management

Rudy for Engineers

A Digital Platform for Technical Evaluation
Processes and Knowledge Management

Test drive Rudy at Reuters Downstream Expo | 8th to 9th June, 2022 | Houston, Texas, USA Mintmesh selected as one of the Most Innovative Michigan Based Oil and Gas Companies & Startups. Mintmesh selected as one of the Best Procurement Startups in United States of 2021.

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What Rudy does

Rudy is a comprehensive digital platform for engineers, where they can execute and manage the entire process of technical evaluations

Evaluate Technical Bids Faster

Artificial intelligence based augmented decision making technology for technical evaluations

  • 01.
  • search quickly

    Search TBE Information Quickly

    Single system for all technical bid evaluation records,
    with global search and refer capability

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  • circular collaboration

    Resolve Technical Issues Efficiently

    Real time circular collaboration with suppliers and engineers for immediate resolution of queries

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  • Who uses Rudy?

    Rudy is designed to help EPC industry

    Why Rudy?

    Rudy understands YOUR Engineer’s Challenges and addresses them with Digital Transformation of manual processes

    transform excel driven engineering Transform Excel Driven Engineering

    Rudy, being a single system of record with a robust knowledge management engine, eliminates the need for Excel. Additonally, it enables advanced contextual search to find and re-use prior information for current projects

    getting rid of multiple data entry Get Rid of Multiple Data Entry

    Rudy can consume, read and understand massive amounts of data in minutes from uploaded data sheets, material requisitions (MR) or supplier offers. Rudy automatically populates technical bid evaluation (TBE) templates and eliminates the need for multiple, manual data entry

    eliminating manual collaboration Eliminate Manual Collaboration

    Rudy has an embedded collaboration suite that helps an engineer collaborate in real time with suppliers and other discipline engineers. Engineers will not have to use emails and other tools for collaboration with the added advantage that all information is in one place to be searched and re-used

    knowledge management module Solve the Legacy Knowledge Problem

    Rudy’s built-in knowledge management module, ensures ready and easy availability of relevant technical knowledge and eliminates the dependency on legacy knowledge.

    control project overuns Control Project Overruns

    Rudy’s comprehensive digital platform ensures that upfront technical activities remain in firm control of the engineer and can be done quicky and effectively. Any savings in upfront engineering time can help balance any anticipated project overruns in the later part of the project

    SOC2 and ISO 270001 company Protect Proprietary Information

    Rudy is built as a single system of record by Mintmesh, a SOC2 and ISO 270001 company, on state of the art, security architecture. Rudy ensures that all technical bid evaluation activities are done from within the system with controlled and encrypted access

    Single system of record
    Single System of Record
    Rudy is a single system of record for the entire technical evaluation process. Your organization can confidently claim that vital business information is securely managed in a consistent system
    Artificial intelligence
    TBE Knowledge Management
    All relevant knowledge that is being used or has been used in the past for technical evaluations is processed and managed in one system significantly improving organizational agility and overall quality
    Advanced Contextual Search
    Advanced Contextual Search
    Rudy is built using our proprietary engineering language processing blocks. Rudy is excellent at contextualizing search for information and eliminates the need to find them manually
    Operational Effectiveness
    Operational effectiveness
    Rudy's smart automation suite with augmented decision making technology, built on a single platform greatly improves operational effectiveness and timely decision making
    Reducing Cycle Time
    Reducing Cycle Time
    Rudy will save anywhere from 40% to 70% of the time that an Engineer would spend on technical bid comparisons
    Collaborating Effectively
    Collaborating Effectively
    Enhanced collaboration between engineers, supplier and other stakeholders will lead to faster decision making and problem resolution, while maintaining historical data within a single platform.
    Standardizing Processes
    Standardizing Processes
    Automation will improve overall standardization of the processes leading to additional benefits like auditability, reliability, analytics and supplier scorecard in the mid and long term.
    Actionable Insights
    Actionable Insights
    Data captured in Rudy will help with project insights both during tendering and execution phases giving real time updates and insights

    Rudy helps with quick decision making

    Insights for Analytics
    Insights Hub for
    Performance Analytics

    Actionable insights are included to provide quick decision support on critical technical evaluation questions

    Realtime dashboards
    Progress Dashboard
    for Executive Oversight

    Realtime dashboards that provide progress of technical evaluations on every item, tag or bulk equipment

    Ask Rudy for

    Rudy provides recommendations and relevant answers for all questions on technical evaluations

    Where Rudy helps you

    Rudy provides augmented decision-making capabilities for a typical technical evaluation process

    Data Sheets
    Data Sheets
    • For Mechanical and Electrical disciplines, you can upload your datasheets and other requirements into Rudy to create the TBE
    • For Piping and Instrumentation displines data sheets created by other tools like Hexagon, Aveva or ApsenTech can be brought in using standard integration methods
    Material Requisitions Package
    Material Requisitions Package
    • Rudy can be used to compile & send the MR Package(vendor documentation protocol, spare requirements) to be sent to suppliers along with a digital TBE that suppliers can directly update
    Technical Bid Tabulations
    Technical Bid Tabulations
    • Rudy consumes and compiles the technical bids from suppliers quickly, across multi-tag MRs
    • With our proprietary IP algorithm based on ELP capabilities Rudy allows the Engineers to quickly judge the offers and raise TQs within minutes of uploading the offer
    • Suppliers can respond to these TQs without any onboarding or system access
    • Rudy creates the final TBE tabulation with a click of a button
    Kick-off meeting
    Kick-off meeting
    • Rudy's digital assets can be used during a kick off meeting with suppliers that have been awarded the contract
    Vendor Document Review
    Vendor Doc Review
    • Rudy's digital assets and technical evaluation workbench can be used during a vendor document review with the supplier
    Lessons Learned
    Lessons Learned
    • Very soon, Rudy will launch the lessons learned module which will allow changes identified by item to be captured and entered into Rudy for use in the next project. This will ensure that gaps between "As-required, As-designed, As-built and As-implemented" are minimized or eliminated

    1. Technical Specifications

    Listing and categorizing client requirements across work streams.

    2. Data Sheets

    Proposing core engineering design and list of hard and soft resources for the project.

    3. Material Requisitions

    Material Requests and Engineering Drawings are read to understand the technical requirements and ensure the engineering requirements are met.

    4. Technical Bid Evaluations

    Comparing and Evaluating the MR responses against industry standards to select vendors.

    5. Kick-off meeting

    Commercial Comparison of recommended vendors and negotiation

    6. Vendor Doc Review

    Finalizing contracts and releasing purchase orders to selected vendors.

    7. Lessons Learned

    Finalizing contracts and releasing purchase orders to selected vendors

    • Step 06.

    Competitive Advantage

    Engineered by Engineers for Engineers

    First To Market
    AI Knowledge Enginnering
    Built In Collaboration
    No Data Entry
    Engineering Language Processing
    Faster Adoption

    How Rudy works

    Rudy's ability to read, extract and analyze information from technical documents using engineering language processing, enables execution and management of the technical evaluation process in a single system

    Rudy is built as a highly configurable system with a global TBE template that is configurable to a Client’s needs

    Rudy is built to handle template agnostic documents that are processed, read, analyzed, classified and stored within Rudy in minutes.

    The built-in evaluation engine powered by artificial intelligence combined with the collaboration suite help give the engineers, a seamless and time saving experience.

    All these are built on Mintmesh’s proprietary engineering language processing building blocks for a context sensitive application built specifically for engineers.

    How Rudy works
    • Global TBE Template, Configurable to Client Needs
      1. All attributes including, design conditions
      2. Site conditions
      3. Client specific requirements
      4. Operating conditions
    • Template Agnostic Document Management
    • Evaluation Engine and Collaboration Suite
    • Mintmesh Proprietary Engineering Language Processing (ELP) Algorithms