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Rudy converts your documents into actionable information
enabling you to do your jobs effectively

Meet Rudy rudy

Your Digital AI Assistant

Rudy uses micro AI to convert documents into actionable information and delivers it in easily understandable formats like lists, ranks and scores, infographics, summary extracts or API outputs.

Using Rudy, Professionals save a lot of time that they would otherwise have spent on the task of reading, extracting and analyzing documents.

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60% or more time
2X or more increase in
3X or more cost

How it works

1. Summarize

Rudy understands the context and document type, and then reads, analyzes and summarizes the information

2. Compare

Rudy compares the document with client defined or industry defined standards. Rudy has been trained on these standards by industry experts to build extensive models

3. Output and score

Rudy ranks and scores the document based on the context and document type. The output can be presented as either a scored list, summary extracts or infographics

Rudy for


Examine resumes and shortlist the best candidates

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Rudy for


Summarize RFQs and RFPs into infographics for

faster go/no go decisions

Rudy for

Account planning

Analyze and summarize news and company information

from multiple sources to increase the sales pipeline

Rudy for


Assist with technical evaluation and comparisons

between multiple responses


We want to help. So we built Rudy.

MintMesh is an U.S.-based company with offices in Michigan, Virginia and Bengaluru, India. We are technologists with decades of experience developing solutions that work for you. Leveraging AI and machine learning capabilities, we spent months developing a microAI solution that will automate the tasks in your process.
We don’t see AI as an alternative to people. We see AI as a tool that makes you more valuable by freeing up your time to perform value added tasks. That’s what Rudy does: Alleviate Work and Empower People.

How can Rudy empower your people and simplify your operations? Send us a message, and we’ll be in touch shortly, to tell you all about what Rudy can do for you.

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How can Rudy empower your people and simplify your operations? Send us a message and we’ll be in touch shortly to tell you all about what Rudy can do for you.